Trouvaille is a word from the french language meaning, “a chance encounter with something wonderful”. This is exactly how I would describe my time in Ghana.  My time in Ghana was purely wonderful, as I got to meet many amazing people, be immersed in a different culture, as well as move past challenges.  This trip was a chance to not only explore a new country, but explore myself.

An Inward Look

One of the ways I was able to find myself in Ghana was reestablishing my love of telling stories.  On our trip my main focus was to get to know the people as well as immerse myself in the culture.  For example, when I interviewed Esi Atta,  I felt a connection with her.  Although establishing a connection with a person you are interviewing is expected, I did not anticipate the emotion I would feel from her interview.  We had a language barrier between us and yet when her eyes met mine, I could understand where her heart was at.  One of the main things I learned while being in Ghana was that language barriers do not limit communication or interactions.

Take Away’s

I learned many things on my trip therefore,  here is a list of “take away’s” I gathered from my Ghanaian experiences:

  • When I walked off the airplane, I felt a gush of hot air. I thought to myself “it won’t be this hot everyday” I was wrong!
  • All the food contains some level of spice
  • PDS – Public Display of Sweating is totally fine and not considered gross since it is so hot
  • Women selling things off the side of the road to cars is a common sight (you can buy things very cheaply!)
  • Welcoming someone is very exciting in Ghana and typically said powerfully by the word “akwaaba”
  • Coca-Cola taste so much better in Ghana because of the natural sugar they use to make the soda
  • Peanut Butter Soup is the most delicious soup I have ever had and I will miss it
  • “Futbol” is a passion, dream, as well as a necessity in Ghana’s culture
  • Ghanaian kids will call you “obruni” which means white person, but they mean it in an endearing, loving way

Although there are many things that I learned or took away from this trip, I could never express all the memories or every single way I grew.  The Ghanaian people are full of love for life and one of my goals is to carry that back home with me.


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