Representing Furman communication department to have a conversation in the 05/24/17

Today we went to visit media house 4 and had a lecture. My most unforgettable memory for today was talking in front of the microphone. During the last part of our trip in media house, Dr. Chris asked that if one of us could volunteer for speaking in front of the microphone. No one responded. I did not where I got that brave: I suddenly said: “I can volunteer if no one wants to speak.” Seriously, as a chemistry and German major, I am a little bit nervous to represent communication department to talk in front of everyone. However, after a second, I became really confident about this small talk, because I have already experienced so many experiences and develop so many skills. I just wanted to present myself, and being genuine about what I had learned so far from this trip. I did not organize my words before I spoke, because I am clear what I had learned so far.18622489_774029462771248_8490423038104477344_n.jpg

One of the questions for me was: what difference is Ghana different from your home country or the United States? I talked about a lot of random but interesting things, for example, the church service: people use singing and dancing to praise god. In addition, I also mentioned about the food: so far I’ve tried a variety of interesting foods. For example, yam, fish sauce, tomato sauce, and plantains. The second question for me was why did I think Furman is a special school? I was very confident of answering that question, because I always proud of myself to choose Furman as my undergraduate school, and I think Furman is perfect for me. I answered with Furman is a great liberal arts college, because students can develop their own personalities. Furthermore, I emphasized a very important aspect of Furman, is that Furman provides students insights into understanding more about cultural differences and helps students to gain more aspects of the world with providing students study abroad opportunities. This cannot only enrich students’ personal experiences, but also help students to evolve into the society more quickly after they are ready to have a job in the future.



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