Ghana, I Miss You

I have been home from Ghana for six days. At the end of the trip, I was so excited to go home; to see my friends and family, eat American food, watch TV and Netflix, all those American things. Now that I am home, however, I am realizing how much I really do miss Ghana. All I want to eat right now is jollof rice and spicy chicken, served with a Coca-Cola and maybe some Voltic water. I want to leave the house and go do new things everyday, but I am realizing there just is not too much to do. I want to get woken up consistently earlier than the decided time by our Grandpa and stumble out of bed shirtless to enjoy a delicious breakfast. I miss the friendliness of all the people and how everybody was so involved with each other’s lives. I miss the feeling of being so cultured and interested in everything around me. Ghana has made a huge impact on my life; on my actions, what I eat, and how I perceive daily life. Before leaving Ghana, I was settled on my career path and how I would live out my future days. Now, I am at a crossroads because of the realizations I made in Ghana about how to live a truly fulfilling life. I really do hope to one day return to this beautiful country that has played such a huge role in my life, and I will never forget the many memories that were made.


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