A Ghana Birthday

It is official. My birthday has come to a close and I am officially 19 years of age. What an amazing birthday it was. First, I got to sleep in, which was such a treat as the tolls of the busy trip were starting to catch up. Grandpa made us a big shirtless breakfast with not only an egg sandwich, but a sausage and ketchup sandwich as well, with the classic pineapple and banana dish. He also served me some birthday fish which I reluctantly ate, despite it being 10 am.  Then later, despite discussing with Grandpa our idea to go to Lord of the Wings with his approval, we found ourselves shirtless in the dining room eating jollof rice with chicken and tomato sauce, but we had no complaints, because it was really delicious.

After working a bit at Grandpa’s and getting picked up to get more done at the Erata Hotel, we were off to my birthday dinner. The restaurant we went to was BY FAR the nicest restaurant I have ever been to. Our starters included endless chips and salsa, chicken tenders with the best spicy sauce I’ve ever had, and a Caesar salad. I ordered a mediocre cocktail, but the chardonnay later on made up for it. 

Then came my special birthday request: an American cheeseburger. I definitely was expecting a rather un-American burger with a thin patty and different flavors, but this was a legitimate American burger that was one of the best I’ve ever had. After several false alarms (turns out that May 27th is a popular day for birthdays), the employees finally came over with my cake and we shared in a dance, a moment that truly brought me such great joy. It was then that I realized I was having my best birthday ever with great new friends and great food.

After a quick homestay stop, we headed to Kikibee’s and enjoyed each other’s company and more live music. After a very long and eventful day, we all were very tired and made our way home. I could not help but to look out the taxi window and reflect on how amazing it was that I was spending my birthday in Africa, and how truly unforgettable the day would be. I am hoping that my 19th birthday is an indication that my 19th year alive will be my best one yet.


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