First Time in Africa, First Time Blogging

My May Experience in Ghana has been an experience of firsts. In previous reflection posts, I have mentioned that I had never been to the continent of Africa before, let alone leave my family in New York for 3 weeks instead of starting the summer early in the States. Those first 3 weeks of summer in the States would never have been as productive as these weeks have been in Ghana, as I have learned so much about Ghanaian media and culture that I would need to write an entire book to fit everything in. However, one of the biggest skills that I have taken away from this experience is the art of blogging.

Prior to the trip, I was familiar with what a blog was, and would occasionally read sports blogs for my favorite teams, such as the North Carolina Tar Heels, because my dad went there for his Undergraduate study. I also knew that many peers of mine had their own personalized blogs, and would write about issues that they were passionate about. During the last few years of high school and my first year at Furman, reading blogs and seeing the overall structure of these sites inspired me to help promote my music on iTunes and Spotify through various social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and YouTube pages displaying live performances and music videos. I also used it as inspiration to promote my sports highlight video business in the same way that I promote my music. This did not inspire me to make my own blog page; yet, at the same time, I was always fascinated with how it worked and wanted to learn more.

By coming on this trip, I have gotten the inside scoop on how to design, write, and produce blogs for issues involving stereotypes, misrepresentation in media, importance of culture, and so on. I have also enjoyed the balance between having fun exploring Ghana and doing the necessary work for the course, as it helped me ease into it more smoothly than if I had waited until I took Digi Comm this upcoming fall to start blogging.


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